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Outdoor Area South, Stand FS 902/7

You will find us at the usual location in the outdoor area south only a few minutes from the entrance to the outdoor area south (closest metro station is Messestadt Süd).

The leader of the pack is looking forward to your visit!

WOLFF Exhibits

  • Wolff 275B

    New: Luffer WOLFF 275 B

    Pure efficiency in the 250 tm class: strong performance but very economical, well thought out construction for easy assembly, 700 meters of rope and fast working speeds. Ideal for high-rise construction jobs!

    Technical specifications: WOLFF 275 B

    max. lifting capacity 24 t
    max. jib length 60 m
    Tip load capacity 2,4 t
    Hoist winch 75 kW
    max. hook path 700 m
    max. hoist speed 222 m / min.
    Rope fall 1 / 2
    Tower connection TV 20 (2 x 2 meters), HT 23 (2.3 x 2.3 meters)
  • Wolff 7534 clear

    World Premiere: WOLFF 7534 clear

    Strongest WOLFF flat-top crane in the 315 tm class: even more power without compromising on the characteristic advantages of flat-top construction. With the WOLFF typical easy access to the slewing gear and cabin platform. Simpy strong, simply organized, simply WOLFF clear!

    max. lifting capacity 8,5 t
    max. jib length 75 m
    Tip load capacity 3,4 t
    Hoist winch 45 kW or 75 kW
    max. hook path 460 m
    max. hoist speed 185 m / min.
    Rope fall 2 / 4
    Tower connection UV 20 / TV 20 (2 x 2 Meter)
    max. lifting capacity 16,5 t
    max. jib length 75 m
    Tip load capacity 2,9 t
    Hoist winch 45 kW or 75kW
    max. hook path 460 m
    max. hoist speed 185 m / min.
    Rope fall 2 / 4
    Tower connection UV 20 / TV 20 (2 x 2 Meter)
  • Wolff 355 B US

    Go West: WOLFF 355 B US Version

    Worldwide tried and tested bestseller for US high-rise construction sites: tremendous lifting speeds covering great heights, highest safety with secondary brakes on the hoist and luffing drives as standard, and optional fly-jib.

    max. lifting capacity * 28 t
    max. jib length 60 m
    Tip load capacity * 2,2 t
    Hoist winch 110 kW or 132 kW
    max. hook path 920 m
    max. hoist speed 290 m / min.
    Rope fall 1 / 2
    Tower connection UV 20 / TV 20 (2 x 2 meters)
    * Lifting capacities with mounted fly jib and WOLFF Boost function enabled.
    max. lifting capacity 8 t
    Hoist winch 75 kW
    max. hook path 600 m
    max. hoist speed 150 m / min.
    • This luffing fly jib crane model could also be of interest to you:   WOLFF 700 B US
  • Wolff 700 B US

    Go West: WOLFF 700 B US Version

    Worldwide tried and tested bestseller for US high-rise construction sites: tremendous lifting speeds covering great heights, highest safety with secondary brakes on the hoist and luffing drives as standard, and optional fly-jib.

    Technical specifications: WOLFF 700 B US

    max. lifting capacity * 50 t
    max. jib length 70 m
    Tip load capacity * 4,1 t
    Hoist winch 132 kW
    max. hook path 990 m
    max. hoist speed 190 m / min.
    Rope fall 1 / 2 / 3
    Tower connection HT 23 (2.3 x 2.3 meters)
    * Lifting capacities with mounted fly jib and WOLFF Boost function enabled.
  • Wolff 8033 cross

    Tried and Tested: WOLFF 8033.20 cross

    As strong as an XXL-size crane, as easily erected as a compact XL-size crane thanks to low weight and system height of individual components. A great all-rounder in the 450 tm class that can easily and quickly lift heavy prefab elements.

    Technical specifications: WOLFF 8033.20 cross

    max. lifting capacity 20 t
    max. jib length 80 m
    Tip load capacity 2,6 t
    Hoist winch 75 kW or 110 kW
    max. hook path 400 m
    max. hoist speed 190 m / min.
    Rope fall 2
    Tower connection TV 20 (2 x 2 Meter)


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Press Releases

Inviting the world – WOLFFKRAN at bauma 2016

News from Heilbronn for the construction sites of this world: At this year's bauma, premium manufacturer WOLFFKRAN will present its biggest flat-top crane ever and the best of 30 years of innovation in luffing technology with a new luffing crane model. In line with this year's motto of World Wide WOLFF, WOLFFKRAN will also be showcasing the US version of its bestseller luffing cranes. A proven cross model and various standard components will round off the leader of pack’s exhibition display. In addition to the product innovations, the exhibition stand will place special emphasis on the worldwide presence of the red WOLFFs.

Launch of the biggest WOLFF clear crane and new WOLFF luffer
With the WOLFF 7534 clear, WOLFFKRAN is introducing the biggest and most powerful flat-top crane of the pack to-date and thus rounding off its product line the 315 mt range. "Easy to assemble, space-saving, powerful and economical. Although it is our largest crane without a tower top section, the WOLFF 7534 clear offers all the advantages of a flat-top construction and is perfect for inner-city construction sites that require space-saving solutions, up to date assembly concepts and quick turnaround times," says Ulrich Dörzbach, Managing Director and Head of Research and Development of WOLFFKRAN GmbH.

The city is also the home turf of WOLFFKRAN’s second newcomer. Its specialty: high-rise construction sites. "Our new WOLFF 275 B includes the technology and know-how we gained over three decades developing luffing cranes," says Gerd Tiedtke, Product Manager at WOLFFKRAN. Thanks to a maximum load capacity of 24 tons, a hook path of 700 meters and a hoisting speed of up to 222 m/min, the 275 B lifts prefab parts, steel and concrete effortlessly and lets skyscrapers rise skyward in no time. It operates in the accustomed efficient and economical WOLFF manner and plays in the top league with its WOLFF typical high-quality standard equipment when it comes to technology, safety and comfort.
The two new additions are accompanied by the experienced WOLFF 8033 cross of the 450 mt class. Its impressive lifting capacity paired with extremely easy assembly, comparable with the assembly of a model in the 300 mt range, make this WOLFF one of the most popular saddle jib cranes in XXL class.

New WOLFF territory: North America
After an absence of almost 40 years, WOLFFKRAN returned to the US market in 2015 and opened a new branch office just outside of New York City. At the same time and underlining its ambition to expand its territory, WOLFFKRAN has released US versions of the popular WOLFF 355 B and 700 B luffing cranes. WOLFFKRAN will showcase the smaller model WOLFF 355 B US at bauma. With their high load capacities of 28 tons (355 B) and 50 tons (700 B), powerful 110 kW (355 B) and 132 kW (700 B) hoisting winches, jibs with optional auxiliary hoist and fly-jib and their adapted electrics and construction to meet US regulations, these cranes are ideally suited to meet the demands of modern US high-rise construction sites.

World Wide WOLFF
Whether it is in America, Europe, Asia, Africa or the Middle East, the WOLFFs have claimed their territory around the world. "Along these lines, our exhibition stand will feature the motto World Wide WOLFF at this bauma," explains Ulrich Dörzbach. "At various stations, visitors to our stand can go on a virtual journey around the world and discover where our red giants are rising into the sky." What exactly would this journey look like? Come and see for yourself, you're in for a surprise!

30 years of pioneering work in luffing technology – WOLFFKRAN presents the WOLFF 275 B

The luffing crane is celebrating its rebirth on construction sites around the world. A trend that WOLFFKRAN, as the leading manufacturer in the luffing sector for almost three decades, has advanced by constantly bringing out new products. The WOLFF luffing range currently includes seven modern models for every requirement – from S to XXL. At bauma 2016, the premium manufacturer will introduce the WOLFF 275 B, which as the younger brother of the proven WOLFF 355 B will replace the WOLFF 224 B.

"Ever since we developed our first luffing crane in the 80s, our luffers have set standards in the industry and become models for many cranes of our competitors", says Dr. Peter Schiefer, CEO and Owner of WOLFFKRAN. "With our newcomer WOLFF 275 B, we are presenting a powerful luffing crane with the most advanced design concept, which at the same time is very good value for money and efficient to operate."

Powerful and flexible for demanding jobs
With a maximum load capacity of 12 tons in 1-fall operation and 24 tons in 2-fall operation, and a maximum jib length of 60 meters, the WOLFF 275 B complements the WOLFF luffing family in the 250 mt class. Thanks to its powerful 75 kW hoisting winch that can take up 700 meters of rope in 1-fall and 2-fall operation, the 275 B reaches impressive lifting speeds of up to 222 m/min in the partial load range, which makes it ideal for high-rise construction sites.
The hoisting and luffing gear have an automatic power optimization feature: Regardless of the number of rope layers and load, the full power of the drive is always available, which results in higher working speeds. The WOLFF Boost function, now a standard feature of all the new models, allows for a 10 percent increase of the lifting capacity that can be activated by the crane driver at the switch-off point. Despite its power, the WOLFF 275 B is very energy efficient in operation. The control and drive technology are installed in a single cabinet allowing for an energy compensation between the drives which results in savings on power.
The crane is fitted with a connection adapter on the lower slewing frame and can be erected on either the slender TV 20 (2 x 2 meters) tower sections or more powerful tower sections, such as the HT 23 (2.3 x 2.3 meters). Furthermore, the modular WOLFF tower system provides the option of combining the TV 20 and HT 23 tower sections using a special transition section, allowing for flexible and economical solutions suiting the particular needs of the construction site.

Top of the list for assembly and transport
The new WOLFF 275 B also proves its efficiency when it comes to assembly and transport. Thanks to the patented WOLFF-specific design of the open latticework tower-top-counterjib unit, the individual components are extremely light-weight. "As with its sister crane WOLFF 355 B, the hoisting gear is incorporated in the tower top and the hoisting rope already pre-reeved in the pulley block at the factory. This patented construction allows for a very fast assembly of the jib," explains Gerd Tiedtke, Product Manager at WOLFFKRAN. By placing the luffing winch in the tower top and the switch cabinet on the driver's cab platform, more space is gained on the counterjib and the hoisting winch easily accessible. To reduce the assembly weight, both the hoisting and luffing winch can readily be separated from the components by a simple process of bolting them off and back on.

Safety and comfort included
Ease of use and safety are the essentials of every WOLFF crane. This being so, the 275 B is supplied with the WOLFF Cab as standard. It can be fitted with an air conditioning unit if required and so offers crane operators maximum comfort and safety in all weather conditions. Safety features such as the anti-collision interface and the slack rope monitoring are just as much standard with this newcomer, as the latest WOLFF safety crane controls with BUS technology. Drops in voltage and weak networks are automatically recognized and lifting capacity limited correspondingly in order to not interrupt the workflow. A high level of operational reliability is not least also guaranteed by the latest version of the web-based WOLFF Link fleet management system, also integrated as standard.
"With the WOLFF 275 B we want to offer our customers an even wider range of modern luffing cranes," says Dr. Peter Schiefer. "We actually experienced international demand for this model before it was even released. A positive sign for us that it will soon take up its rightful place, both in the WOLFF family and on construction sites around the world."

Launch of the largest flat-top WOLFF crane – WOLFFKRAN extends clear line in the XL range

Higher, faster, further is the credo on construction sites around the world. WOLFFKRAN is following this trend with the continuous extension of its range. The premium manufacturer released its first XL flat-top crane WOLFF 7032 clear at bauma in 2013. Three years later the biggest clear crane ever from Heilbronn is waiting in the starting blocks. The WOLFF 7534 clear meets customer demands hands down for even bigger, more powerful and, at the same time, more economical cranes, especially for inner-city building projects.

Ever tighter timeframes, ever heavier components and ever smaller spaces. These are the common features that characterize the construction sites of today, especially those in big cities. "The demands made on cranes are continuously pushing capabilities to the limit," says Ulrich Dörzbach, Managing Director and Head of Research and Development of WOLFFKRAN GmbH. "With our latest addition, the WOLFF 7534 clear, we are extending the clear line into the 315 mt range. It is our most powerful clear crane yet, without compromising on the advantages of a flat-top design," states Dörzbach.

A tailored performance
The new trolley jib crane is available in two versions, making it suitable for work on every kind of construction site: the 7534.8 clear is a purely double-reeved crane with a maximum load capacity of 8.5 tons and the 7534.16 clear, which can be reeved from 2-fall to 4-fall operation, with a maximum load capacity of 16.5 tons. The maximum tip load capacity at a 75-meter jib radius is 3.4 tons in 2-fall operation. Fast working speeds are guaranteed by the proven hoisting winches with 45 kW and 75 kW. While already the small winch provides for a hook path of 190 meters, the bigger winch can reach a remarkable hook height of up to 460 meters in the 2-fall operation (230 meters in the 4-fall operation) and partial load working speeds of up to 185 m/min. "We are also working on a completely new double-reeved winch that will be even stronger," reveals Gerd Tiedtke, Product Manager at WOLFFKRAN. All winches are fitted with an automatic power reduction function. If the mains supply is weak or overloaded, power output can be throttled in just a few simple steps and the crane optimally adjusted to the needs of the respective construction site.

A pleasure to work with
A WOLFF is nothing without its crane operator. And just like all the other WOLFFs, the new WOLFF 7534 clear offers crane drivers comfort and safety as standard. The modern WOLFF Cab is worth a particular mention here. It has an optimized field of vision, plenty of room and storage space, an ergonomically designed control panel, a modern heating and air conditioning system and up-to-date technology that includes an SD-/USB port, hands-free bluetooth and a touch screen PC, for unrivalled comfort and practicality. The hoist drive regulated by a frequency converter that was developed by WOLFFKRAN in the early 1990s, facilitates the most favorable handling and allows the crane operator to move and position elements with the greatest precision. The cabin platform offers the best possible access to the switch cabinet, facilitating for easy communication between service technicians and the crane driver. Despite its compact design, the WOLFF 7534 clear allows for easy access to the slewing gear and cabin platform.

Although “top”less, top with regards to assembly and transport
The cab station is so compact that it can be transported and assembled as a whole. It is attached to the crane with just two bolts. Once connected to power, the crane's slewing part can be comfortably rotated to support the assembly process. Further, the slewing part is a fully preassembled unit requiring no further work on site for its assembly.

As with all the other cranes in the clear series, the WOLFF 7534 clear is particularly space-saving: On construction sites with restricted space, several cranes can easily swing one above another. Like all WOLFF flat-top cranes, the WOLFF 7534 clear scores with a very clean and uncomplicated design of the crane top and easy access to all parts. The construction without a tower top offers the added benefit that the jib can be entirely assembled in the air. This is beneficial in case only a small mobile crane is used for the assembly or not enough space on the ground available for a full preassembly. Attachments such as the hoisting winch, railings and bracing rods are preassembled on the counterjib. The 2.7-ton concrete counterweights are all the same size and easily and safely fitted on the counterjib using the proven quick-release axle system.
Economical transport solutions are becoming increasingly important in a globalized world. Despite it being an XL crane, the WOLFF 7534 clear is constructed in such a way that all the components are optimized for container transport. The two-tier counterjib can be folded down or separated for transport purposes, and it fits on a regular truck or semi-trailer in one piece. To reduce the weight during transport and the assembly process, the platform carrying the hoisting winch can easily be separated from the counterjib.

High-end equipment as standard
It goes without saying that this new WOLFF offers all the usual comfort and safety features as standard. "With our high-quality cabs, galvanized substructures, railings and platforms, and the extensive WOLFFKRAN technology, such as the fleet management system WOLFF Link, the anti-collision interface, working range limitation system and slack rope monitoring, as well as the WOLFF safety crane controls with BUS technology and WOLFF Boost, WOLFFKRAN offers standard equipment that is unequaled in the market, not just in the new WOLFF 7534 clear, but in all WOLFF models," says Ulrich Dörzbach.

American Way of WOLFF – WOLFFKRAN launches US versions of the 355 B and 700 B

With the opening of its own branch, WOLFFKRAN Inc., at the gates of Manhattan and rolling out the first red WOLFF luffing cranes in San Francisco and New York City, WOLFFKRAN is writing a new chapter in its 150-year old history. Coinciding with its comeback in the USA, the company is introducing its US versions of the proven luffing cranes WOLFF 355 B and 700 B. The WOLFF 355 B US will be on show at bauma.

Both luffing cranes are among the bestsellers in the WOLFF-pack and have been working on construction sites around the world for many years. "These models are of particular interest to our American customers working on confined high-rise sites in densely populated metropolitan areas," says Gerd Tiedtke, Product Manager at WOLFFKRAN. "That is why we have developed US versions of the European models, which are ideally suited to the needs of the American market," states Tiedtke.

Ideal for high-rise buildings
Most high-rise buildings in the USA are currently built with a solid concrete core surrounded by structural steel elements. For concreting work, quick lifting speeds are of paramount importance, whereas steel constructions require large cranes with high load capacities. "We are able to satisfy both demands with the WOLFF 355 B US and the WOLFF 700 B US respectively," says Gerd Tiedtke. The 355 B US with a maximum load capacity of 28 tons is equipped as standard with a 110 kW hoisting winch, which reaches partial load speeds of up to 185 m/min. It can also be delivered with a 132 kW winch, with which it can lift loads of up to 290 m/min, thereby attaining great turnaround times for concreting work. The WOLFF 700 B US on the other hand is perfect for structural steel work. It can effortlessly lift heavy steel and prefab elements with its maximum load capacity of 50 tons and hoisting speeds of up to 190 m/min. Both hoisting winches have a rope storage capacity of 990 meters (700 B) and 920 meters (355 B) – ideal for when you're aiming high. Together with the second brake on the (auxiliary) hoisting and luffing gear fitted as standard, and the option of mounting an auxiliary hoisting winch, the WOLFF 355 B US and the 700 B US have things pretty much covered when it comes to features required in the US market. Both US models are also suitable for internal as well as external climbing, and can just as easily be installed in an elevator shaft as along the outside of a building. To ensure a flexible use on any construction site, WOLFFKRAN has designed both WOLFFs on the basis of the modular WOLFF tower system. For the crane base, customers can choose between a standard WOLFF component or a customized solution developed by WOLFFKRAN engineers to suit a specific project.

WOLFF the American way
The American WOLFFs have two jib versions: Besides the standard jib form, an alternative jib tip piece with a connection for a fly jib is also available. The 75 kW auxiliary hoisting winch with a load capacity of eight tons in the 1-fall operation and a rope capacity of 600 meters is positioned in the first (base) jib piece and can reach partial load speeds of up to 140 m/min. The load can be hooked on to the main jib and the fly jib at the same time in order to rotate loads from a horizontal position into a vertical position – a feature often requested by US customers. The control system for the overload protection monitors the total load torques of both drive mechanisms and switches them off if the load torque of the main hoist is exceeded. By adapting the electrics to the American UL standard and incorporating some structural changes in its US luffing cranes, WOLFFKRAN has taken into consideration the specific regulations of the American building authorities.

WOLFF technology – well thought-out and flexible
A WOLFF is not a WOLFF without its clever technology. The fully electrically operated US WOLFF cranes are fitted with a hoist drive regulated by a frequency converter, making it a real front runner in terms of energy efficiency when compared to conventional electric cranes or diesel-powered cranes. The fact that the control and drive technology are installed in a single cabinet saves on even more power thanks to the potential energy compensation between the drives. Further, the intelligent WOLFF control system recognizes drops in voltage and weak power grids, and then correspondingly limits the lifting capacity as required so that the workflow is not interrupted. This guarantees a high level of operational safety and availability. The hoisting and luffing gear on the American versions are also equipped with an automatic power optimization feature: Regardless of rope layer and load, the full power of the drive is always available and faster working speeds therefore guaranteed – making it ideal for high buildings and tight timeframes.
WOLFFKRAN has equipped the WOLFF 700 B US with a short counterjib measuring only 7.7 meters, which can be even further reduced to 7.4 meters if needed. The smaller WOLFF 355 B US is equally as space-saving with a tail swing of only 7.2 meters. Short counterjibs are of particular importance on inner-city construction sites, where contractors do not just have to contend with limited space issues, but also comply with strict regulations regarding weather vaning and overslewing of neighboring properties.

Top notch as standard
As with all WOLFFs, the US versions are also front runners when it comes to assembly and transport. The low weight and slender dimensions of the individual components allow transportation on regular semi-trailer without the need for any special road permits. It also means that they can be assembled in less time with smaller mobile cranes – two not to be neglected cost-saving factors for the customer.

The extensive range of standard features and equipment – including the WOLFF Link fleet management system, an anti-collision interface and the slack rope monitoring, optional level luffing for the main hoist, hoisting winches with automatic power reduction, safety crane controls with BUS technology, semi-automatic reeving (700 B US), as well as the new WOLFF Cab – makes both models undisputed leaders of the pack in the American crane market. "But we don't just have the ideal products, we also offer our customers the complete package with their cranes," says Dr. Peter Schiefer, CEO and Owner of WOLFFKRAN. "Alongside with our newly established local sales organization, we have also set up our service, support and spare parts supply chains, which are up and running, in order to ensure our customers get the best service possible," says Schiefer.

All WOLFFs just one click away – new WOLFF Link portal for efficient fleet management

Even more user-friendly, faster and reliable. The new version of the fleet management system WOLFF Link makes it even easier for customers to access operating and maintenance data of their WOLFF cranes from anywhere in the world, whether they are in the office or on the road.

Have a quick virtual look at your WOLFF cranes on your smartphone while on the way to the next meeting; keep an eye on the WOLFF cranes in London and New York from the office in Munich – the new WOLFF Link portal makes it possible. Once registered, customers can login through any standard internet browser, both from stationary and mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets. In comparison to the previous version, no additional software is required. Customers can now access all available crane data around the clock: from model type and year of manufacture, to shut-down and operating times, load movements, wind speeds, and error notifications.

All the new cranes have been equipped with the necessary modem router since mid-February 2014, and the necessary SIM card is provided as standard since September 2015. All that customers have to do now is to acquire the license for the worldwide mobile phone contract and register their crane on the internet portal. Older models can be retrofitted with a conversion kit on request. WOLFFKRAN already fit its own rental fleet of around 750 cranes with this system in 2014.

Up to date technology from the industry's leader of the pack
From a data processing point of view, the cranes are located in a VPN (virtual private network), a closed and secure area in the Internet. WOLFF Link controls the exchange of data with the crane controls (PLC) and makes the data available in the WOLFF Link portal, which customers can access with a password. The WOLFF Link Service Team enters the customers’ cranes and primary user only once. Thereafter, customers can grant further access to the data to other people in their company. They can divide the crane fleet into subgroups, for example, by construction site, region or branches and then determine the permission setting for the various user groups, whereby they alone decide who can see which data. Even WOLFFKRAN staff can only access specific data with the authorization of the customers.

The "AutoCall" function of WOLFF Link is worth a special mention. In case of crane malfunction, the system automatically sends an e-mail directly to the users defined by the customer and, on request, also directly to the WOLFFKRAN service team. The customer does not need to be logged into the website at this point. "Our technicians can now identify a possible error remotely even more effectively, initiate the appropriate measures immediately and solve the issue faster," explains Andreas Wagner, Head of Electrical Engineering at WOLFFKRAN. "This minimizes downtime, reduces effort and costs for us and the customer, and improves the reliability, availability and service-life-cycle of the cranes. Customers can check at any time, whether their fleets are working trouble-free and efficiently," says Wagner.

"WOLFFKRAN was the first manufacturer to set up the modern remote data transmission system for cranes in the 1990s," says Gerd Tiedtke, Product Manager at WOLFFKRAN. "With the current version of WOLFF Link we have successfully updated the system to the digital age and can therefore offer our customers an even higher standard of service and greater reliability for our cranes."


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